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The FreeStoreClub

freestoreclub.gif Free Store Club was created by its founder, Paul Burks, with one goal and vision: Give ordinary people, with no particular sales or recruiting skills, a REAL business, for FREE, from which they could earn some really good money.

Paul knew, that with the vast reach of the Internet and with massive growth trends in business activity on the Internet, people from around the world would be looking for a way to get in on the action.

Paul also knew, that if he could provide a reliable and affordable (FREE) tool that would allow them to get involved, many would purchase additional services and benefits to improve their opportunity and at the same time help make a profit for his company.

That’s exactly what happened! Three and a half years later Free Store Club is a massive success.

You now have the chance to receive and experience a TRUE Internet business for FREE. They give you four incredible advantages to help you earn as much money as you are willing to put forth the effort to achieve. Those four advantages are:

  1. The Store itself. The perfect tool and opportunity for tapping into the awesome wealth being generated by the Internet and e-commerce. They’ll teach you how!

  2. The FSCBoss System Business Management Console. FSCBoss is FreeStoreClub Back Office Software System. Let the FSCBoss guide you to the income level you desire! When you download FSCBoss™, you’ll join the “inner circle” of fully focused store-owners set on making more money. The Boss is also FREE!

  3. Dual Powered Compensation Plan.  If you decide to choose one of our Premium Store plans they’ll teach you how to get paid weekly residual income. All you have to do is “Give away free stores”. As they upgrade to Premium hosting you earn commissions as your position in the two-by-infinity pay plan becomes qualified. Their compensation plan pays you two ways and there is absolutely no limit to the size of your pay structure.

  4. Exact Method Marketing (EMM). This innovative system teaches you and every one in your pay structure how to build your business without traditional recruiting or face-to-face selling. They’ll even show you why the fastest way to success is to STOP recruiting altogether!

Free Store Club has leveled the playing field so that YOU can have the advantages formerly available only to the wealthy.

Their premium store packages start at only $10 (US) per month. Their FREE level store is always free.

 Check them out here.


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